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Veterinary Care

Healthcare on site

Wishbone Doggy Play and Stay is located next door to Friendtown Veterinary Clinic which is a full service veterinary clinic open 7 days a week. 

Need to update your pet's vaccines? No problem, the staff at the vet clinic will be happy to help. We can also take your dog next door for an appointment while at daycare or staying overnight. 


Click on Logo above to link to Friendtown Veterinary Clinic website. 

Vaccine Requirements

Our goal is to keep your pet safe.


1. Ideally vaccine boosters are given 2 weeks before allowed to stay with Wishbone if the vaccines were previously NOT up to date. 

2. DHPP Vaccine within in 1 year in dogs 1 year or younger. Dogs older than 1 year, DHPP booster is required every 3 years. 

3. Leptosporosis booster within 1 year 

4. Rabies booster within 1 year if less than 1 year. Dogs older than 1 year, Rabies is required every 3 years. 

5. Bordatella booster is require every 6 months. 

6. CIV (canine flu H3N2/H3N8 strains) booster must be within 1 year. Because this is a newer vaccine, the 2 week required period (see number 1) can be waived and we can give the vaccine boosters at our veterinary partner next door to Wishbone. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or you feel that your pet has special needs/concerns regarding vaccines.